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Recaredo Terrers Brut Nat. (Magnum)

Productor: Recaredo
Tipo: Espumoso Blanco
D.O.: Cava
Año cosecha: 2014
Capacidad: 150 cl.
Envejecimiento: 40 meses
Variedades: Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada

51,85 €

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Nuestros expertos dicen...

The Sumarroca Gran Brut Allier is a great cava reserva produced mainly with Chardonnay variety with the difference that the base wine has been produced by fermentation and then aged for three months in oak barrels. Is a cava of a certain structure in which the fruit protrudes on wood notes from the base wine. His upbringing in rhyme for a minimum period of 36 months gives elegance and sobriety. Very limited production.

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