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Transportation Policy

How much does transportation cost?

Transportation is free in the following cases:

  • Customers picking up their order directly at our shop in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Avenida Torre Blanca 3 during our regular opening hours from Monday to Saturday.
  • Orders amounting to over 200 € in the Iberian Peninsula, with the exception of Portugal.

In other cases transportation will be based on the prices shown in the following table:

1. – Deliveries in Spain (Euros per delivery)

WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
* Canary Isles: Please consult
* Consult prices for larger quantities at
* VAT is not included
Up to 10 Kg. (6 bott. 75 cl.) 5,29 6,16 8,26 8,26
Up to 20 Kg. (12 bott. 75 cl.) 6,67 7,70 12,10 12,10
Up to 30 Kg. (18 bott. 75 cl.) 8,58 9,97 18,79 18,79
Up to 40 Kg. (24 bott. 75 cl.) 9,89 12,01 22,58 25,49
Up to 50 Kg. (30 bott. 75 cl.) 11,69 14,10 26,48 32,18
  • Zone 1: Barcelona + province
  • Zone 2: Rest of Catalonia
  • Zone 3: Spain Zone A: Peninsular Autonomies except Zone B
  • Zone 4: Spain Zone B: Andalusia, Extremadura, Galicia and  Balearic Islands

2. – Deliveries in the European Union (Euros per destination)

WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4
* Possible taxes and Customs charges are not included
* Consult prices for larger quantities at
* Special protection wrapping "bottle pack"
* VAT is not included.
Up to 10 Kg. (6 bott. 75 cl.) 17,91 30,51 36,81 51,50
Up to 20 Kg. (12 bott. 75 cl.) 24,33 39,66 47,26 62,76
Up to 30 Kg. (18 bott. 75 cl.) 31,27 48,92 57,82 74,11
Up to 40 Kg. (24 bott. 75 cl.) 37,38 58,17 66,02 85,47
Up to 50 Kg. (30 bott. 75 cl.) 43,91 67,42 74,23 96,83
  • Zone 1: Portugal
  • Zone 2: France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg
  • Zone 3: Austria, Germany, Italy, U.K.,
  • Zone 4: Switzerland, Norway and the rest of the European Union

3. – International deliveries

Consult prices at

When will my order be delivered?

For dispatches in the Iberian Peninsula (with the exception of Portugal), your order will be delivered within a maximum period of three days following confirmation. Other destinations may be subject to a slightly longer delivery process. If you request the urgent transportation option, your order will be delivered the day after the receipt of confirmation provided your request has been made before 2pm. An additional fee will be charged.

Can I send/receive an order from abroad?

No problem. But please take into account that transportation costs may be higher.

Can I have wines sent to an address that is different from mine?

The purchasing procedure includes the necessary steps to indicate any specific destination to which you would like the products to be delivered.

What happens if I’m not at home when the order is delivered?

If the transport team arrives at the address indicated on your order form and is unable to deliver the product or products, they will leave you notification including contact details to arrange an alternative day and time for delivery. Vins NOE will not leave products at any other address unless the customer has expressly given us instructions to do so.

Can I go and pick up the wine myself?

No problem. You only have to fill in the corresponding option when you place your order and the very next day, following the confirmation receipt, you will be able to come and collect it. In this case, of course, no transportation costs would be incurred.


What happens if I am delivered a broken bottle?

It is important to report the incident on the delivery note and inform us as to any possible damage as quickly as possible on +34 902 539 663 or by sending an e-mail to We will replace any damaged product as soon as possible and within the stipulated delivery periods.

What happens if a bottle is in some way defective?

Who has never come across a corked wine or a wine with some other kind of defect? It is indeed a disappointing situation and does, very occasionally, occur. At Vins NOE we are passionate about wine, and will be very happy to resolve the incident, either by replacing the product in question or refunding its cost. If such an incident were to occur three months after delivery, we will also analyze each particular case with the aim of ensuring complete customer satisfaction.