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Who we are?

Vins NOE is a company specializing in the commercialization of quality wines. Founded in 1989 in Sant Cugat, Vins NOE has captained the divulgation of wine culture and excellence, providing its friends and customers with all the latest developments which have transformed the international wine industry over the past years.

Our catalogue has over 1.700 wines and spirits from all over Spain and the world’s leading wine-producing regions, and we constantly feature new products on our website, some of which are featured in our special Selection of the Month programme which is based on a carefully made choice of wines that are particularly attractive in terms of both quality and price.

As wine specialists, we particularly enjoy bringing wine culture to the general public, which is why we organize a series of activities related to the world of wine for groups, companies and institutions. From made-to-measure wine-tastings to trips based on wine culture and wine-tasting dinners under the supervision of experts.

Vins NOE is highly active in the field of exports for professionals and acts as a distributor in the Hotel & Catering industry and for specialized companies with a catalogue of top-quality wines from both home and abroad.

Vins NOE has a shop open to the public in the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) and a warehouse in neighbouring Rubí and is a company of reference in the field of wine distribution.

What motivate us?

The VINS NOE team is highly professional and passionate about the world of wine and wine-lovers. For over the past twenty years, this passion has led us to discover, and share with our customers, vineyards, wine-producers and wines that years later have been widely acknowledged by the general public and wine critics alike. Currently, with a consolidated team of professional sommeliers, the spirit that gave birth to VINS NOE is as strong as ever and we are passionately committed to quality service and the desire to help our customers to choose and enjoy the best available products.

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Logalty programme

With your purchases, you accumulate bonus points which you can trade in whenever you wish. 

The majority of our products and selections have bonus points which you accumulate as you buy. The bonus points are effective as soon as you place your order and are automatically scored to your customer’s account (bonus points) where they will accumulate until you decide to trade them in.

The bonus points system is both simple and automatic. With just a click on the option "Trade in your bonus points ", a promotional code will automatically appear and allow you to apply the bonus to your following or successive purchases. The promotional code is equivalent to a cash discount on the sum total of your order. The bonus exchange value will always be established by Vins NOE with bonus points based on a discount ranging from 2% to 4% depending on each product.