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Here you will find the answer to our customers’ most frequently asked questions. If there are any questions left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us on +34 902 539 663 or send an e-mail to We will do our utmost to give you a speedy reply.

Purchasing process

How to purchase?

As you select your products, they will be automatically added to your shopping-basket. Once your selection is complete, the PURCHASE NOW option will take you directly to the identification procedure of personal details and delivery information.

Once this step is complete, your order will reappear with the conditions of purchase and any applicable special promotions. Once the order has been processed, the safe payment option will be displayed. When the payment has been completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming that the operation has been successfully performed.

Can I buy wine on your website?

You should find no restrictions when purchasing on our website, except in the case of wines on limited offer. In such cases, the exact number of items available will be indicated on our site.

Can I buy a wine that is not on your website?

If you are interested in purchasing a wine that is not available in our catalogue, please do not hesitate to ask us for information. We may indeed be able to supply you with the product in question or, alternatively, we will help you to find it elsewhere.

Could you send me a catalogue?

In addition to the available offers posted on our website, we can also supply you with a made-to-measure wine-list based on particular wine regions, colours, varieties or price. We will send you the information electronically if you e-mail us at

Is there a minimum order price?

No, there isn’t. Although we do recommend you to order complete boxes containing six bottles to ensure safer carriage and minimize transportation costs. If your order is over 200 euros, transportation is free of charge in the Iberian Peninsula (with the exception of Portugal)

Do I need to have an account at Vins NOE to place an order?

If you have never previously purchased products at the Vins NOE Online Shop, you need to register to access the online purchasing mode. If, however, you prefer not to register, you may also contact us on +34 902 539 663 or send an e-mail to

If my order is a present, can I also attach a card with a special message?

Of course. The only requirement would be to provide us with the text you would like to send and we will transcribe it on a special card and attach it to the order.

Can I change my order?

Yes. On the condition that the order has not already been dispatched. If, for any reason, you wish to modify a confirmed order, you should contact us as soon as possible on +34 902 539 663 or send an e-mail to clearly indicating the required changes. If such a modification were to vary the final price, the difference between the original order and the modified order would be duly rectified on the basis of the customer’s selected payment mode.

Payment modes

Which forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and also bank transfers. In the latter case, please ask us for our account number by ringing +34 902 539 663 or, alternatively, send an e-mail to

And if I have any queries about the invoice or the order?

We will resolve any doubts you might have if you call us on +34 902 539 663 or send an e-mail to Please ask to be put through to our Administration Department.

Will my purchase be secure?

Our payment system is fully secure. At Vins NOE we use the CAIXA DE CATALUNYA’s secure electronic payment Gateway. All the information provided is encrypted under SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protocol.

Delivery policies

How much does transportation cost?

Transportation costs depend both on the desired destination and the number of bottles purchased, and are free of charge in the case of orders amounting to over 200 euros in the Iberian Peninsula, with the exception of Portugal. Costs as per destinations and volumes are clearly explained in the adjoining table.

When will my order be delivered?

For dispatches in the Iberian Peninsula (with the exception of Portugal), your order will be delivered within a maximum period of three days following confirmation. Other destinations may be subject to a slightly longer delivery process. If you request the urgent transportation option, your order will be delivered the day after the receipt of confirmation provided your request has been made before 2pm.  In this case, and additional fee will be charged.

Can I send/receive an order from abroad?

No problem. But please take into account that transportation costs may be higher.

Can I have the wines sent to an address that is different from mine?

The purchasing procedure includes the necessary steps to indicate any specific destination to which you would like the products to be delivered.

What happens if I’m not at home when the order is delivered?

If the transport team arrives at the address indicated on your order form and is unable to deliver the product or products, they will leave you notification including contact details to arrange an alternative day and time for delivery. Vins NOE will not leave products at any other address unless the customer has expressly given us instructions to do so.

Can I go and pick up the wine myself?

No problem. You only have to fill in the corresponding option when you place your order and the very next day, following the confirmation receipt, you will be able to come and collect it. In this case, of course, no transportation costs would be incurred.

Specific incidents

What happens if I am delivered a broken bottle?

It is important to report the incident on the delivery note and inform us as to any possible damage as quickly as possible on +34 902 539 663 or by sending an e-mail to We will replace any damaged product as soon as possible and within the stipulated delivery periods.

What happens if a bottle is in some way defective?

Who has never come across a corked wine or a wine with some other kind of defect? It is indeed a disappointing situation and does, very occasionally, occur. At Vins NOE we are passionate about wine, and will be very happy to resolve the incident, either by replacing the product in question or refunding its cost. If such an incident were to occur three months after delivery, we will also analyze each particular case with the aim of ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Users’ Registration

I have forgotten my password.

No problem. Please use the automatic alternative password option available on our website.

I know my password but am not able to connect.

If you have problems connecting to our website, please call our Customer Service Department on +34 902539663 or send an e-mail to

Do I need to use a password to connect to your website?

No. You can browse freely. You only need to register if you wish to place an order or access sections specially reserved for members. Though if you do choose to open an account, it allows us to provide you with better service and keep your invoice and delivery details. Opening an account will also provide you with the option of receiving newsletters and special offers that might interest you.