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The freshness of the new wines of 2019

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This November we present a selection of “vin nouveau” from three different wine areas and made with three different grape varieties. It is a selection that allows us to appreciate either what prevails is the character that imprints youth or if this magnificent hatching of fruit and aromas that accompanies young wines is nuanced by geographical origin and by the varieties they are made of . The first wine comes from the winery Carles Andreu de la Conca de Barberà and is made 100% with trepat, a local variety of the denomination. Its freshness is sensational and it should even be decanted to make it lose the reduction point that accompanies it as it is a wine made by the procedure of carbonic maceration, that is, making the fermentation with the whole grape grains. The second wine is the “vin nouveau” from the Bodega Cooperativa del Masroig del Montsant, made with 100% garnacha that surprises us every year with a somewhat naughty label. To be a wine of the year, and beyond its aromatic and life profusion, it has a remarkable body that makes it round and persistent in the mouth. The third wine is a Beaujolais Nouveau from the Vignobles Charmet Winery, "independent vigneron" of long tradition in the area with documented origins of 1650. The wine is made with the Gamay variety from vineyards of granitic soils. It is a sweet and pleasant wine, overflowing with fruit and youth. This winery, year after year obtains the highest distinctions in the wine competitions of the denomination.