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Wines of Trentino: unique varieties.

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This month we offer you a selection of three wines from the Trentino-Alto Adige region located in northern Italy, specifically at the gates in the Dolomites, the spectacular Italian Alps. We certainly don’t speak about mountain wines, but wines from the valleys where the rivers that flow from the Alps, mainly the Adige and the Noce. The three wineries that we present are located in very different areas, the southernmost next to Lake Garda the most northern in Bolzano The selection wants to be an introduction to the wines of this area where international varieties coexist with very local grapes very unknown in our Spain. Our choice has, of course, been that of wines made with the most distinctive red varieties of the area: lagrein, teroldego and marzemino. The three wines come from three family wineries, with very limited productions, some of them in organic, the rest in sustainable agriculture. The first wine, the Teroldego Rotaliano from the Cassatta Monfort winery located in the town of Lavis, in the middle of the Rotalian plain nourished by floodplains of the Noce River, tributary of the Adige. The winery is in the hands of the fourth generation and the commitment to quality has been total. The wine is made entirely with the teroldego, own and native variety of the region. Some people assimilate it to the Californian zinfandel and others see links with the syrah. The fact is that since the wine is not aged in wood and goes on the market after a rest in a deposit of six months and in a bottle during a similar period, you can perfectly appreciate what this variety considered as the "prince of Trentino" gives and which by itself gives rise to a specific denomination of origin, the "Teroldego Rotaliano" The second wine is a marzemino varietal made in the Azienda Vallarom family business located in the small town of Avio, province of Trento, near Lake Garda. The winery, which Filippo Scienza and his wife Barbara Mottini carry wisely, opted entirely for ecology and quality. The wine is not aged in wood which allows us to enjoy the character of the variety already glossed in the opera Don Giovanni where at one point the protagonist exclaims: "Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzemino!" The third wine is Lagrein Riserva Petruskellerei made by the Rottenstainer winery located in Bolzano in the highest part of Trentino, in fact in the area also known as Sud-Tirol and where the German is co-official with the Italian. The winery bases its activity on quality viticulture both at 10 hectares of vineyards and the rest of the grapes produced by farmers associated with the winery. The wine is made with the lagrein variety, apparently related to marzemino and teroldego. Elaborated in a traditional way, it has been matured in oak barrels for 12 months. The wine is elegant in the mouth and maintains an important freshness despite its passage through wood. Tasty and persistent finish.