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Bordeaux: the charm of the "Deuxième vins"

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This month we offer you a selection of three wines of three different denominations of the area of Bordeaux, namely Saint Émilion, Margaux and Graves. The three are united by a common characteristic, being the second wines of wineries of high recognition by the critic and the consumer. A second wine, "Deuxième vin" is the term that is used to designate the wines made with the younger vineyards of the Chateau. Not because of this, however, care and quality resent. The second wines are wines of the first, usually fresher and less corpulent, and therefore are designed to be tasted with a temporary horizon shorter than what would correspond to the first wine of the Chateau. The wine from Margaux is the Marquis de Mons 2015, second wine from the Chateau La Tour de Mons Cru Bourgeois classified. The Tour de Mons is a property of 48 ha. Vineyard in a single block dating back to the 17th century. The successive changes of ownership have led to it being managed by a large company specialized in Grands Crus classes that has given it a new air. The wine is simply magnificent, although it is a Margaux in which the merlot predominates before the cabernet and the petit verdot. It is a fresh and elegant wine, fine, worthy of a great occasion. Better to be consumed within the next five years. The second wine is the Fleur de Fonplegade 2011, a Grand Cru de Saint Emilion which is also the second wine of Chateau Fonplegade, a property of 18.5 Ha. divided into 27 different plots dating from 1852. For 15 years Denise and Stephen Adams, also owners of Château L'Enclos, are the soul of the project. As a guest star, Michel Rolland acts as a winemaker counsellor, which guarantees the excellence of the product. The wine elaborated mainly with merlot is complemented with cabernet franc and a small proportion of Malbec. An aging in wood about a year contributes to the harmony of this great wine The third wine is L'Expression du Château Grand Bourdieu 2012, also the second wine of Château Grand Bourdieu, a Cru Classed in Graves, the lesser-known region around Bordeaux but which gives life to extraordinary wines. This property was recovered in 1985 by D. Haverlain, an entrepreneur in the world of wine that has gone ahead with other projects in different denominations. The wine is a classic Bordeaux, matured in wood for 12 months and with an assembly in which predominates Merlot before Cabernet Sauvignon. Freshness and elegance would be the defining notes of a wine that deserves to be tasted with attention.